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$4.00Classic Greek Dips

Vegetarian | Served with warm handmade pita bread
• Tzatziki - classic Greek cucumber yogurt dip
• Melizano - roasted eggplant dip
• Hummus - chickpea, tahini and garlic dip
• Kopanisti - creamy and spicy cheese dip


Gluten Free | Vegetarian | Fresh-cut carrot, celery and cucumber, perfect with one of our homemade dips


Chef's Choice | Vegetarian |
Greek fried Kefalotyri cheese


Gluten Free | Spicy sausage & green peppers in a lemon, wine & oregano sauce


Crispy battered fried calamari served tzatziki

$11.00Ouzo Prawns

Gluten Free | Chef's Choice | Garlic sautéed prawns with a splash of Ouzo


Vegetarian | Baked flaky pastry filled with garden spinach, fresh herbs, and feta cheese


Gluten Free | Ripe vine leaves stuffed with beef, rice, fresh herbs and served with tzatziki

$7.00Vegetarian Dolmades

Gluten Free | Vegetarian | Ripe vine leaves stuffed with rice, tomato, celery, fresh herbs and served with tzatziki


Hand rolled Greek meatballs served hot


Gluten Free | Chef's Choice | Chef's Choice | A mild white cheese from Cyprus broiled until golden brown

$6.00Feta & Olives

Gluten Free | Vegetarian | Kalamata olives served with sliced feta cheese drizzled with olive oil and oregano

$13.00Greek Pizza

Choose up to three toppings to make your perfect pizza!
Mozzarella cheese
Black olives
Fresh tomatoes
Green Pepper
Red onion
Keftedes (meat balls)

Soupa & Salates


Soup of the Day
Ask your server


Gluten Free | Vegetarian | Small $10 | Medium $14
Vine ripe tomatoes, cucumbers, Spanish onions, green peppers, crumbled feta, and Kalamata olives


Gluten Free | Vegetarian | Gently steamed spinach served with feta and slices of tomatoes

Forno | Oven Baked


Chef's Choice | Layers of eggplant, spiced ground beef, zucchini topped with béchamel sauce served with roasted potatoes


Baked layers of pasta, spiced ground beef topped with béchamel sauce served with roasted potatoes and Greek salad

$14.00 Vegetarian Moussaka with Mushroom Sauce

Vegetarian | Layers of eggplant, zucchini topped with mushroom sauce served with roasted potatoes

Gevmata | Main Dishes

(All main dishes served with rice pilaf or roasted potatoes and salad)


Gluten Free | Chef's Choice | Tender grilled lamb chops with fresh herb


Gluten Free | Jumbo prawns with garlic in lemon wine and Parmesan cheese

$22.00Greek Ribs Oregano

Gluten Free | Grilled baby back pork ribs

$17.00Chicken Souvlaki

Gluten Free

$19.00Lamb Souvlaki

Gluten Free

$21.00Beef Souvlaki

Gluten Free

$21.00Prawn Souvlaki

Gluten Free

$66.00Koutouki Meze

Chef's Choice | Minimum 2 people (additional persons $33 each)
A traditional Greek feast served family style that features warm pita with hummus, tzatziki, Melizano & Kopanisti dips, Greek horiatiki salad, Spanakopita, dolmades, Keftedes, and chicken thighs with rice pilaf or roasted Greek potatoes.
We highly recommend the Meze for groups.

$64.00Vegetarian Meze

Vegetarian | Minimum 2 people (additional persons $32 each)
A delicious feast featuring our most popular vegetarian items including warm pita bread with Hummus, Tzatziki, Melizano & Kopanisti dips, Fasolada soup, Greek Horiatiki salad, Saganaki, Spanakopita, vegetarian Dolmades and grilled market vegetable skewer with rice pilaf & roasted Greek potatoes.

Side Dishes

(A little something extra to add to any meal)

$6.00Greek Roasted Potatoes


$8.00Gigantes Plaki

Gluten Free | Vegetarian |

$4.00Rice Pilaf

Gluten Free | Vegetarian |

$7.00Marinated Artichokes

Gluten Free | Vegetarian |

$6.00Marinated Olives & Oil

Gluten Free | Vegetarian |

$7.00Marinated Sautéed Mushrooms

Gluten Free | Vegetarian |

Dessert | Homemade


Baked filo pastry filled with almonds, walnuts, honey with an orange glaze

$10.00Helios Creme Caramel

Chef's Choice |Light and delicious pudding with a sift crème caramel topping

$12.00Aura Sundae

Vanilla and Pistachio ice cream with nuts, and Kataifi finished with a creamy caramel